Fine Silver Memorial Ring by Sisu

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Our Sisu fine silver memorial ring is lovingly hand crafted with your loved one’s cremation ashes fired into the fine silver. The memorial ring is made to size. As with all our Sisu Beads memorial jewelry, this ring is completely hand crafted. Each piece will be unique and vary in exact size and shape.

Upon placing your order, we will send you a prepaid shipping envelope with a collection kit and instructions. After following the few simple steps, just return the pre-labeled envelope to me.

I personally make each item by hand,in my home studio, you can be sure your very special piece is made with love in a beautiful place and space. If you care to share your story, I would love to know more about who this piece is being made in the honor of. You can share photos and even request that a favorite song be playing while I make your piece. I have been asked to have a shot of Jack Daniels while listening to Neil Young. I think it makes the connection a bit stronger, like a ceremony, a way to show you care and it is a cool moment to share.

Your order will be on its way back to you in about 3 to 4 weeks from when I receive your package. I always do my best to get it earlier. You will receive your order in a gift box carefully wrapped with a bow. Any ash not used will be returned to you at this time.


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