dealing with grief

Even though you have lost someone very dear to you and the pain is immense, you don’t have to shoulder this grief alone.

We have listed numerous grief support organisations as well as videos and books that you may find helpful after a bereavement. We have also gathered some personal stories on how people have dealt with their own personal grief.

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Grief support organisations

Many organisations exist around the world to help you deal with the death of a loved one and the subsequent journey through grief.

Maryalicia Post

A grief journey

Maryalicia Post shares the story of the loss of her husband Jack. She chronicles what the first 12-months after his death felt like.

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Personal stories

A selection of personal stories gathered from around the web from people who have lost someone they love and how they cope with bereavement.

Dr Susan Delaney of the Irish Hospice Foundation


A selection of videos about death and dying that provide some insight into the process around dealing with grief and loss.

open book


Many authors have written on the subject of death and dying, from dealing with grief and bereavement to funeral traditions.

Val and Grandma Gladys

Loved and lost

A special space to share memories of those who are no longer with us. Post a favorite photograph and story to share.