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On the top of this sterling silver rings a small amount of solidified ashes/cremations. The ashes are solidified into like a stone. The ring is made with .925 sterling silver, the split shank band is connected to 10 x 13mm oval where the ashes are set. This ring can be engraved. offers subtle and unique memorials allowing you to always remember. Through my patent-pending process, my jewelry allows for cremations and jewelry to become one beautiful piece anyone would love to wear. About one teaspoon of ashes are solidified and permanently set in your chosen style of jewelry. The end result is a glass-like or stone-like appearance. Regarding the color of the ashes, ashes are like finger prints, they’re all different and you never know how they will look until they’re set as evident in my various item photos. The color range tends to be from light beige to a dark gray (which can appear black).

I take pride in my work and extreme care with all of my customers. Every situation is different and every finished piece is unique. It is an honor to provide something that becomes so meaningful to so many. Although I understand this can be difficult, I personally work through the process with all my customers. If you still have questions or concerns after reading my reviews, please contact me directly.

I only need a VERY small amount of ashes, about a teaspoon. Once an order is submitted, I will send you a confirmation email and offer you a kit that makes it safe and easy for you to ship the ashes to closebyme. However, many customers choose to send the ashes without a kit to save time. If you opt to not use my kit, please enclose the ashes in two sealed bags and release all of the air to ensure the ashes are secure (make sure to label the ashes with order details).

After I receive the ashes, the total process takes between 7 and 9 business days to complete. Upon completion of your piece, I will package and ship your keepsake with any unused ashes. I will also immediately email you a shipping confirmation with the tracking number.

Your 100% satisfaction is of paramount importance to me as the circumstance surrounding your purchase is always difficult. I want to hear from each customer after receipt of their remembrance piece to ensure your expectations were exceeded. If there are any concerns with your purchase, I WILL do everything in my power to resolve and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Please accept my condolence on your loss. Death is ALWAYS difficult to deal with. It can also be difficult to decide what to do with cremains, which is how I stumbled upon making jewelry with ashes.

I lost my parents at a young age and I believe that those who we are deeply connected with are forever connected. I like to think of my jewelry as a subtle artistic remembrance you can always have and keep close to you. I wanted to create beautiful jewelry that is also understated in comparison to other cremation jewelry.

Although it cannot change things, I hope that I can offer something tangible to hold and keep close to your heart. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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