Website gives ‘greater control over your death’


UK – A website which allows people to declare how they wish to be treated in the final weeks of their lives is set to launch this week.

Compassion in Dying, a charity that supports people to exercise their rights over end-of-life treatment, said will give people greater control over their death.

The group said the website was created in response to fears not enough people were planning for how they want to be treated in the advanced stages of their life.

A statement on the homepage reads: “You might not like to think about it but there might come a time when you’re too unwell to tell those caring for you – like your family or a doctor – what you do and don’t want to happen.”

Anyone visiting the site can fill out an “advance decision” where users can refuse any drugs or medical treatments that may be given to them at some time in the future.

The document, also known as a living will, is legally binding meaning any healthcare professional that ignores it risks going to court.

According to research commissioned by the charity, only 4 per cent of Britons made a record of their preferences last year.

The website is live from Thursday the 7th of January.