Re-imagining keening for the 21st century plus the story of AndVinyly


PODCAST: Can lament play a role in modern mental health? And also on the programme, the story of AndVinyly.

In this episode, the first guest is UCC researcher Marian Caulfield who shares her journey re-imagining the ancient practice of keening for 21st century Ireland. She also explores how lament might help change the way we approach mental health. Marian gives details of an upcoming three-day residential workshop – Learning To Cry Again – taking place in Bantry, Co Cork on April 26 2019. Details on Facebook: @PassionatePlanner and also @KeeningWorkshop

[16.41] My second guest is Jason Leach from AndVinyly. He’s created a very special business accidentally. It came from developing a way of pressing vinyl records that include small amounts of cremated remains contained within them. He was looking to create a special record for his loved ones but found the idea quickly captured the public imagination.