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This urn is a full size urn, intended for your loved one, it is approximately 9” x 9” x 9” and will hold up to 220 cubic inches **.

The original name for this urn is “Playing in the Leaves” intended for pets, but many of my customers asked me to make it larger for their family member. This glaze reminds me of a walk in the woods, in springtime, when the leaves are new, fresh, bright green.

I make each urn at the potters wheel. It is then fired in the kiln for 9 hours to harden. I then glaze it with different layers of glaze to achieve the variations you see. The final step is to fire it again in the kiln for 15 hours which allows the glaze to achieve it’s melting point.

Urns are made in four sizes, full size, meduim size, small size and petite keepsake. Please check the shop for other sizes available. You may also visit my website, www.luciapottery.com.

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