Facing your mortality through images of abandoned spaces


PODCAST: The photographs that help you face death through the distant echoes of past lives lived.

Photographer Donal Moloney creates haunting images of abandoned places. These crumbling buildings where people lived, and sometimes died, are filled with stark echoes of the people who inhabited them. He’s found that the process has had the unexpected effect of making him face his own mortality. Donal became fascinated with ‘Urbex’ and ‘Rurex’ (the process of exploring urban and rural abandoned buildings) as a personal project. He initially featured nude models in these art photographs but has since created different iterations of the project by taking pictures of the spaces alone or by placing a single white chair placed in the eerie scenes. He shares stories of the thrilling dangers of being where you are not supposed to be and explains the bizarre scenes he has witnessed on his journey.

Photograph: courtesy of Donal Moloney Photography