This mortal month: January 2016


5 things that we learned about death and dying this month on social media

Taking a look at changing attitudes to death and funeral traditions


South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world

In order to make people appreciate their life, some companies are making employees take part in their own pretend funerals.



Girl believed to have been buried face down to prevent spirit from rising from the grave

Medieval remains of a girl believed to be 13 years of age found in Italy were buried face down with stones placed on the body in order to prevent her spirit from rising from the grave. Archaeologists believe she was thought to be a witch.



3D printing is now being used to make anatomical models

Monash University in Australia is pioneering the use of 3D printed anatomically correct models for use in medical teaching.



A necrobiome is a microbe that will eat your body after death

Forensic investigators will soon be able to tell how long ago someone died, to within two to four days, by swabbing and sequencing these microbes that pervade and surround the body during the process of decomposition.



And finally as Star Wars mania hits the cinemas, one writer suggests a new line of caskets

Over on Twitter, Hassan Ali feels that Disney has really missed out on some stellar marketing opportunities for the new Star Wars film; he suggests a line of personalised coffins in the style of Han Solo as frozen in carbonite.