The top 10 euphemisms for death


USA – Out of a collection of 6.5 million obituaries, more than 5 million of them chose the term ‘passed away’.

Obituary website has collected a list of the most frequent euphemisms for the word ‘died’. If you are looking for an alternative way of expressing yourself, here is the list of the top sentiments.

  1. Passed away
  2. Went to be with (the/his/her) Lord
  3. Went home
  4. Departed
  5. Entered eternal rest
  6. Was called home
  7. Left this world
  8. Succumbed
  9. Lost his/her battle
  10. Slipped away

Whether they are hobby-related (“gone fishing”) Shakespearean (“shuffled off this mortal coil”), or intended to bring a smile (“cashed in her chips”), turns of phrase can be designed to make it a more personal way to remember a life – such as one obituary containing the phrase – “baked her last coconut cream pie and hung up her apron.”

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