The Dinner Party – backup for the bereaved


PODCAST: The story of The Dinner Party where guest Carla Fernandez explains the idea behind this unique get together.
If loss tragically hits you in your 20s or 30, it’s a good bet that your circle of friends haven’t experienced it yet. Carla sadly lost her father to cancer. The isolation of the experience prompted an idea. Why not find and connect with others who might be similarly affected. The idea was to create a relaxed setting to chat over some food. She and her co-founder decided that if it worked for them maybe others might be interested in doing the same. The Dinner Party is a free platform to connect bereaved millennials and dinners are now running in multiple locations around the world (including the US, UK and Europe). It’s a safe place to vent, share stories and compare notes over food with peers who are going through their own grief journeys.