The practicalities of taking care of a loved one after they die


PODCAST: Taking care of a loved one after they’ve died has been the norm ever since there have been people.

In this episode, I speak with Kate and Miriam from Pushing Up The Daisies Scotland. In the 21st century, it might seem a daunting prospect to care for a deceased loved one if you’ve no experience of seeing it done or even know what options are available to you.

Pushing Up The Daisies Scotland is a charity that provides resources and supports to assist those who want to look after a loved one when they die: ‘We work for all bereaved people in Scotland to know their practical options and legal rights immediately after someone dies and to be able to spend plenty of time with them in the place of their choice if that is their wish. So we will keep speaking up for the quiet voices – usually women, often carers – who need time for a gentle release from caring.’

The discussion begins with the practicalities of looking after a deceased loved one and then opens into a discussion of funeral rites and traditions. Miriam is originally from Ireland. She compares the Irish and Scottish funeral experience.