Story of flat-pack coffins plus navigating state services after a death


PODCAST: In this episode, hearing about the Dutch company Coffin In A Box, and how to access state services after a bereavement.

First guest, Cor Geijtenbeek is founder and creator of Coffin In A Box. This innovative company makes eco-friendly flat-pack coffins and can ship across the EU direct to your door. Each sturdy wooden unit can be assembled by a single person. Borrowing the techniques of a famous Swedish furniture retailer, the boxes are competitively priced and aim to provide a greener alternative to standard coffins.

Second guest Michael Owens, Citizens Information explains how to navigate your entitlements after a bereavement. Citizens Information is a free-to-use service helping people deal with government, banks and utility companies when it comes to accessing information, filling in required forms and can also provide advocacy for those struggling to find their way.