DIY funerals, rising death costs & doing things naturally


Meet the UK charity providing people with the facts around funerals for over two decades.

A very special charity doing some very special work: guest Rosie Inman-Cook is manager of the UK Natural Death Centre. She also manages the Association of Natural Burial Grounds in the UK, and editor of the free online e-zine, More to Death, she’s also a voice on the end of the helpline.

She explains how difficult it can be for families to know their choices and rights when a loved one dies. Why it’s possible to hold a DIY funeral, what’s really involved with embalming and how creating a final send-off needn’t cost the earth (in every sense).

Natural Death Centre is an educational charity which sees death as a natural part of life. Founded in 1991, it is committed to supporting cultural change and is working towards a situation where all people are empowered in the process of dying, and organising a funeral.